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Our nonprofit provides donations channels towards the facilitation of needs such as education, youth gaps, addiction, social problems and more that’s prominent in our communities. Donations can be made through the provided channels in the website; for instance, Debit or Credit Cards.

Roscoe Millie


The Roscoe Millie Foundation prides itself on being community builders. Our aim is mentor and mold at risk youth into productive citizens that will help strengthen their communities.

This initiative is vital in the fight to revive and restore our dilapidated communities. Roscoe Millie has the blueprint to reenergize and incentivize our youth through the AMP initiative.

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Our values are simple! Children first! Roscoe Millie is determined to educate, uplift, and inspire the forgotten in our communities.

M (E x O) = RD {Mindset (Education x Opportunity) = Realization of Dreams}

This simple equation will foster hope within our youth and community.

It is our Organization’s goal to employ the services of competent, well-trained, and caring people who are continually responsive to education and opportunities.


Our Work

What we do

We scan through the community for the challenges facing the underprivileged.

Where we work

We have a team of more than
30+ members.