1. About this Policy

Our website’s privacy policy offers a description with regards to how “roscoemillie.org” uses, collects and shares private information of the members that interact with the website. This section will outline the choices and controls that a user has around, how, and when you make a choice to share personal data.

2. Privacy Policy Changes

This website reserves the rights at any point in time to make alterations to the privacy policy provisions. You are encouraged to review the site periodically, and you will get highlights whenever the website makes amends. A user’s access to the website constitutes agreeing to amends or changes in policy as of such a date.

3. Personal Information Submission

This website will require a user to submit personal information in certain portions, such as email address and name, before making use of those portions. At a minimum, a user is required to register and provide their email address and name before accessing any of the member’s only sections.

3. Personal Information Submission

This website will require a user to submit personal information in certain portions, such as email address and name, before making use of those portions. At a minimum, a user is required to register and provide their email address and name before accessing any of the member’s only sections.

1. Information We Collect

This website will require a user to submit personal information in certain portions, such as email address and name, before making use of those portions. At a minimum, a user is required to register and provide their email address and name before accessing any of the member’s only sections.

a. Account and Registration Information

You are allowed to browse through the website without giving information about who you are or even revealing personal information (e.g., email address, phone number, name, and physical contact details) about yourself. When you register an account, you choose to provide us with personal information, and this not anonymous to the website.

b. Response to Requests Information

You can provide personal information so that you can get out newsletters and any other information upon your request.

c. Social Media Details

This website offers sign-in services that give the leeway for a user to use third-party credentials to log in to the website. This website may provide certain information that allows a user to share details with third-party sites such as Twitter, Facebook & GooglePlus.

d. Information about Others

A user may choose from time to time to offer personal details about other individuals to call them upon to join the “www.roscoemillie.org” community.

e. Mobile Information

Our site may collect information from a user if they access the website via a mobile device; for instance, get a device’s operating system, location, and mobile carrier.

2. Use of Data

“roscoemillie.org” may utilize personal details to:

  • Send requested service details.
  • Send marketing communication via subscribed channels about news, updates and events.
  • Administer membership records
  • Make contact with members where necessary regarding their registration.
  • Send your chats, push notification, and emails to respond to concerns, and customer support inquiries.
  • Make improvements to the services that we provide to you or the site’s functionality and guarantee technical functionality.
  • Send email confirmations
  • Maintain our records and accounts

3. Payment Data

This website does not store financial information that is collected nor share the user’s information with third parties in a way likely to personally identify a client. When a user signs up for volunteer and/or donate, the debit or credit card details and any other financial information that is vital in the processing of payment may get collected and even stored by use or payment processors, that we work with on www.roscoemillie.org Importantly, payment processors only offer limited information.

4. Data Retention

This website keeps your personal details for a period not longer than a necessary and reasonable time. The organization will keep your information as long as the account remains active or as required under applicable law. This website will utilize your details to comply with dispute resolutions, legal obligations, and agreement’s enforcement. Data retention for donations will not extend beyond ten years, and at this time, the donation data will get marked for deletion permanently and will not be accessible.





Welcome to “www.roscoemillie.org” (website). This website is owned and managed by Roscoe Millie’s Team.
Please read the following terms of use keenly before using “www.roscoemillie.org” website. This website is available for use to you on the condition that you agree to the terms, privacy policy, disclaimer and policy herein. If you are not in agreement with these Terms, you may not access and use the website. Furthermore, when you use our future or current services you will remain subject to the prescribed Terms, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer. When the Terms are not in tandem with the agreement and guidelines applicable to the rendered services, these Terms will be in control.

II. Restrictions on Use

You agree that all the content present on the website is our property and in other instances our licensee’s or licensor’s property. Our compilation of this content on our website is protected through international copyright laws, conventions, treaties and the United States; therefore, it is our exclusive property. The software used in this website is the property of our associates, or our property; therefore, it is protected by international copyright laws, conventions, treaties and the United States. Any logos, graphics, trademarks, icons, service marks and scripts present on the website are ours or our licensees and licensors.

III. Copyright

The content and information related to the website is protected under applicable trademarks, copyrights and proprietary rights. The redistribution, use, publication or copying of any website materials is strictly forbidden. You do not by any means obtain ownership rights to any document, content or material viewed on the website. When you find a copy of what you believe to be your work on the website that adds up to violation of your intellectual property, please reach out to our support team and report the breaches.

IV. Consideration

You are in agreement that the Terms are supported by valuable and reasonable consideration of which you acknowledge, including, your access and use of the “roscoemillie.org”, information and materials available through or at the website.

V. Privacy Policy

“roscoemillie.org” website’s privacy policy is subject to alteration as part of the agreement from time to time.

VI. Children under 13 Years

“roscoemillie.org” website does not with consent either offline or online gather personal details from individuals below 13 years old. A person below 18 years old may use this website with the guidance of a guardian or parent.

1) Services and Events

A. Events

Please visit this website’s event’s page online for community events and updates. If a user is not sure he or she should contact our support team.


This information documented in this website is for General advice. It has not been prepared with an account of an individual goal, needs, objectives or financial situation. A member before acting on the advice should put into consideration the aptness of the advice, having due regard to own needs, objectives and financial situation. An individual should read the full Disclosure Statement and consider the declarations before making a preferred choice on donating or joining our team.
This website takes your privacy seriously and for that reason, the organization or any of its affiliates will never request a member to make a money transfer via their email request unless there is an arrangement or this transfer is part of an agreement already in existence. If you get any such requests outside of the agreed arrangements, please reach out to the customer support immediately.
The information and materials available on the website may have inconsistencies or inaccuracies. The website makes periodical changes to the materials and information on the site. The reservations for making changes to the site rest on the support team. the changes are in the form of alterations or improvements at any point in time.

This website may not make any illustration concerning the reliability, availability, suitability, accuracy and timeliness of the materials, information, services, and related graphics on the site for any reason. The website are not binding, with regards to the service’s suitability. The responsibility to validate our service’s suitability falls on a user.

External Links Disclaimer

This website may attach in it links to other external websites. The websites may not be maintained or provided by our company and may not have any affiliation to “www.roscoemillie.org.” Please keep in mind that “www.roscoe,millie.org” does not guarantee timeliness, relevance, accuracy and comprehensiveness of information as contained in external websites.


A donor who accepts this disclaimer agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless “www.roscoemillie.org” members, employees, agents and partners from any indirect, direct, special, incidental or resulting damages from this website’s use. Secondly, the damages from breach in the use of Terms, Privacy Policy, this Disclaimer and documents or policies incorporated in reference.

Past Performance

This website holds that the past does not necessarily guide its future performance.