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Our nonprofit provides donations channels towards the facilitation of needs such as education, youth gaps, addiction, social problems and more that’s prominent in our communities. Donations can be made through the provided channels in the website; for instance, PayPal, Debit & Credit Cards.

Partner with Us

The Roscoe Millie organization holds that in the face of complex challenges, our partners continue to believe that the realization of a better world remains nothing less than possible. Our partners vary and are tailored to objectives that they seek to achieve through leveraging multiple assets.

The organization cannot manage to meet all the needs alone. We need expertise, support, solutions and innovations of our partners to meet our obligations.


The Roscoe Millie’s Agents of Change Mentoring Program will focus on relationship building between the Mentor and the Mentee. The goal is to identify the Mentees points of interest and disinterest.

This will assist with aligning the correct Mentor for each Mentee. Each Mentor will be encouraged to plan and execute an Accountability Profile on each Mentee. Holding each Mentee accountable for their involvement in achieving their dreams will build strength while adverting recidivism.


I take action when no one is looking
I’m holding myself accountable for me to achieve more and achieve success
When no one is looking, I put in extreme execution
I will not rest, until I conquer
When I put in extreme execution, I’m holding myself accountable


Dynamic mentors that’s ready to assist and make sure every youth conquers and achieves their life goals.

Field Trips of empowerment that prepares children for their dreams and give them a perspective of the things they would like to conquer in life.

A bookbag that will equip students with the necessities needed in the classroom.

A personality and growth assessment that will allow students to get to know themselves more and broaden their horizons.

Therapy sessions that consist of getting to know the youth and bridging the gaps to a better youth.

Game days that consist of many sports and activities to engage the youth and allow mental space.