About Us

We are community builders, tackling Health & Financial Education with the help of our team, community partners and volunteers. We are here to serve many people and impact many lives in a substantial way. Roscoe Millie’s initiative works as a community-based organization to fight health and social problems that’s prominent in our communities. We are community driven to help find solutions to problems and building resiliency through transformative lives of people.

Mission Statement

Our values are not complicated. This organization is meant to help, uplift, educate, and incentivize our communities.

The focus is on providing the ability to the underprivileged, impoverished, destitute, and addicts when it comes to health and education so that they can live a lifestyle filled with hope and opportunity.

It is our Organization’s goal to employ the services of competent, well-trained, and caring people who are continually responsive to the health and financial education needs of the community that we serve.

Nonproft Objectives

  • To provide sex education to the children and adults in need
  • To provide access to healthcare for the vulnerable people in the community
  • To help the homelessness finds homes or even areas of temporary and permanent settlements.
  • To provide financial education to the people from ages 14 and up to enhance community building
  • To help to alleviate poverty in the community
  • To provide the necessary support for mental health
  • To help deal with the impacts of substance and alcohol abuse
  • To provide substance abuse education


Our Team

We pride ourselves with a diverse and well-constituted team that manages to effectively serve the organization’s needs.

Many team members currently are new recruits; however, they have had experiences previously in their different areas of expertise. The team comprises of directors, community partners and volunteers in the organizational structure.

We have directors who are experts in different areas and take part in managing their areas of expertise. Our team of directors help manage the volunteers in the organization. Our team members have a personal experience and steadfast belief in being agents of change.


Roscoe Millie was established on September 19, 2019. The organization is new, and its motivation is to serve less fortunate communities that face a myriad of health and education-related problems; for example, mental health.

The financial literacy aspect of the organization is informed by the quest for effective community building.