Ways to Help

Make a Donation

Our nonprofit provides for donations channels towards facilitation of needs such as access to affordable healthcare for vulnerable populations education, mental health, poverty, food insecurity, homelessness and substance abuse victims. Donations can be made through provided channels in the website; for instance, PayPal & Credit Cards.


Do you hold the same beliefs that we do and you also want to see change? Through fundraising, you join efforts that are geared towards achieving a greater good.

The organization offers a number of ways for one to take the necessary action that will today make the achievement of objectives possible. The tools and imaginations together with the support of the masses will help to change communities for the better.

Today you can become a fundraiser and choose to speak up, stand up and show up for needy people you have never met.

Partner with Us

The Roscoe Millie organization holds that in the face of complex challenges, our partners continue to believe that the realization of a better world remains nothing less than possible.

Our partners vary and are tailored to objectives that they seek to achieve through leveraging multiple assets.

The organization cannot manage to meet all the needs alone. We need expertise, support, solutions and innovations of our partners to meet our obligations.