About Roscoe Millie

We are community builders, tackling Health & Financial Education with the help of our team, community partners and volunteers. We are here to serve many people and impact many lives in a substantial way.

Roscoe Millie’s initiative works as a community-based organization to fight health and social problems that’s prominent in our communities. We are community driven to help find solutions to problems and building resiliency through transformative lives of people.

Mission Statement

Our values are not complicated. This organization is meant to help, uplift, educate, and incentivize our communities. The focus is on providing the ability to the underprivileged, impoverished, destitute, and addicts when it comes to health and education so that they can live a lifestyle filled with hope and opportunity.

It is our Organization’s goal to employ the services of competent, well-trained, and caring people who are continually responsive to the health and financial education needs of the community that we serve.

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Our Work

What we do

We scan through the community for the challenges facing the underprivileged sections of the society and embark on a rigorous process in community building geared towards solving the toughest challenges.

We give the much-needed resources that we receive from the public to understand the complex issues and significantly help to eradicate them among the vulnerable communities today.

Beyond providing resources, our organization works each day towards the creation of lasting change and most of all building of communities that are resilient.

Where we work

We have a team of more than 30+ members.

The underprivileged communities problems are the major focus for the organization in areas of health and education.

The work we do in different areas, say health or education are largely informed by our organization’s partners.